Eternity #1 – Origins of Legends

Once there was a beautiful and magical kingdom on an island in the vast ocean. This kingdom was ruled by a king, who was beloved by his people as both strong and kind. His royal city was the jewel of the world, fit for even the gods. They worshipped the gods you all know. Balthazar, Melandru, Dwayna and Grenth. Not Kormir, as this story is ancient compared even to the order our Goddess of Secrets hailed from before her ascension. Now, some of you might have noticed that there is one missing god. Or goddess. Lyssa was also worshipped in this kingdom, but by its king, she was worshipped above all. When asked why, he would answer that in every facet of his beatiful city, he saw a facet of the twin goddess.

Now, the king was not without counsellors. Generals, advisors and various masters of invocation and illusion. His master-of-mesmers was also the kingdom’s high wizard, as well as the king’s brother-by-blood. Those of you who wish to be priests yourselves should note the duality at play here. This mesmer, we will call him the Wizard. Now, in this tale, this wizard is not simply an advisor. Suffice to say, as a mesmer he also venerated Lyssa above the rest of the Six, in the traditional mesmer fashion of illusions and duality. His role in this tale will soon become apparent.

Now, the king was not one to seek war often or without cause. But he also had a good understanding of the differences between his own nation and his neighbors. And his northwestern neighbor was heavily occupied with an invasion of charr, and so the king saw an opportunity to expand his realm beyond his island. His counsel applauded the idea, with one exception. The wizard agreed that they should send the army north, to their neighbour. But not to conquer their lands. He said that the human nations should always stand together against the charr, to stop any attempts by the brutal warrior-beasts to expand their territories. As though roused by the wizards appeal, half the king’s counsel changed sides. One half agreed with the wizard that they should fight the charr, the other half following the king. Voices were raised and the council chamber quickly filled with shouting. With a swift thump on the table, the king silenced the chamber. Ultimately, he reminded them, the counsel advised the king, but they did not decide his actions. So the king dismissed his brothers concerns, saying that humans need not be worried about their bestial neighbours, but in the meantime, he would help himself to their coastline.

Preparations were quickly set underway. The army was brought forth, ships were loaded and the king took one quite personal preparation. He had a sword made, and paid the best craftsmen in his kingdom to do it. The hand-guard was gilded and shaped in the style of feathered wings, the handle inlaid with ivory and gold. On the pommel rested a curious crystal of the purest red, but the blade was the true magic of this weapon. When it was crafted, the enchantments hid any ornamentation the smiths could have put on it. For the spells in the blade caused it to reflect images of the daytime sky, with either a golden or blue hue, depending on the time of day. The finished weapon was the size of a grown man, and was the envy of all the warriors in the kingdom. The king called it Sunrise.


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