Bifrost #7 – Origins of Legends

The ground was littered with arrows and a few people who had not made it inside. Men were rushing about, trying to shore up the gates with whatever was available, but it soon proved inadequate. Roars like a winter-blizzard erupted outside the walls, and 2 of the town’s 3 gates exploded inwards in a cloud of splinters. Huge creatures made of black-and-blue ice forced themselves through the now-open gates, with the armoured norn following in their wake. The men tried to form a group, but their weapons did little against the huge ice-beasts.

The eastern, and final, gate of the village cracked inwards, but no ice-beast emerged. Instead, jagged rocks had sprung out of the ground and smashed the gate aside. As all eyes in the village turned to the now-open gate, several fireballs arced through, striking ice-beasts in the chest, forcing them back towards the smashed gates. Jenny felt a slight tremor pass through the ground beneath her feet, and a massive boulder flew over the walls, driving another ice-beast to the ground in an instant. Bolstered by the unseen support at their back, the men of the village drove back into the norn, but the blue-skinned giants were unperturbed. With shouts to Jormag, they began driving the remnants of the towns militia back towards the center. Lances of rock soared from the eastern gate, nailing several norn to the ground in a gory imitation of their own arrow-volleys. A slight crackling sound, and a taste in the air like after a storm. Jenny sensed the bolt coming, but still shut her eyes a moment too late. As she opened them again, she could still see a bright after-image of the lightning-bolt that had scattered a small group of norn all over the town square.

‘I told you Six-damned dragon cultists what’d happen if you drew weapons.’ Marla stepped through the shattered gate, holding the turquoise staff out before her. Her hair was standing up ever so slightly from the lightning fields surrounding her wrists, and her robe was steaming. At this change in the situation, the fighting in the centre had stopped, but three norn, the same who had visited the village a week prior. A flash of heat intense enough flash-melt all the snow in the eastern part of the village. Marla swept her hand in front of her, and a pillar of flame dwarfing the sentry towers engulfed the trio, immediately reducing them to ash. ‘Seems like this abominable cold slows even a norn’s brain. Last chance. Clear out or you can continue your blustering in the Mists.’ The elementalist held a fireball in the left hand while glaring at the invaders. The town had grown very quiet, when a hoarse chuckle from the northern gate was followed by an elderly norn. His skin seemed more ice than flesh, and his left arm was covered in the black-and-blue ice the ice-beasts had been made from. His right held a firm grip on a staff made of bone. His robes seemed to blend entirely with the building blizzard around him, and his eyes were orbs of dark-blue ice.


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