Bifrost #5 – Origins of Legends

5 days passed in the little village. Jenny continued doing her chores as usual, and while she met Marla several times, the mystery names were not mentioned again.

The sky was painted a blinding white with clouds and an unseasonably cold wind that bit right through Jenny’s clothes. A few of the men were up on the ramparts, staring over the hills witha lack of vigilance born of boredom. The settlement was rarely approached by anything the villagers didn’t know to be friendly, and while the hunters who roamed far across the valley usually talked of snow leopards, actoduses(?) or bands of ice imps, even those had petered out over the last few days. Jenny’s father seemed unable to decide whether this was good or bad, while Jenny’s mother, like most women of the village, continued just like before. While Marla’s appearance had, at first, upset the daily routine, now she was considered just another sentry, albeit one who would be leaving shortly.

‘I’m sorry for leaving so soon, Jenny, but your little village is your home, not mine. After all this, I want to go back to my own family.’ Marla leaned on the top of the ramparts, turquoise staff casually leaning against her shoulder.

Jenny looked up at the woman(revise?). ‘But we still don’t know anything about the names or why you were here, you can’t just leave.’ Marla gave a little sigh.

‘Don’t worry on that account, I have not forgotten. But it will be easier to find the truth back in my own home-town. They’ll have records and such things. As for why I was here, in this frozen -‘ Marla seemed to swallow a word, ‘ – place, I suspect it has something to do with this staff. I certainly cannot recall having it before I woke up in that old man’s house. The plan is to consult a library back in Kryta, see if it’s not on record somewhere.’ the older woman gave a little smile. ‘Do not worry Jenny, if I learn anything interesting, I will be back to tell you. On that you have my word as a Webbley.’

A man with a longbow slung over his back gave a small respectful cough a little distance away.

‘Ah, and there’s my replacement. Which means I’m on my way home to Kryta.’ Marla slung her pack of belongings over her shoulders, gave Jenny a little pat on the shoulder, and began the walk out of the village without another word. When she had announced last night that she would be leaving, she had made sure to say goodbye to every member of the village before going to bed. Jenny had seen her walking all over the village, knocking on every door, checking every section of the ramparts.

Jenny went home and half-heartedly continued her chores. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her parents checking in on her several times, but made no mention of it.

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