Quip #5 – Origins of Legends

Practical Application –

QUIP Configurations

  • Standard – ARP-013 + AP-035. Designed for use against combat personnel.
  • Acid – AC7-02 + AP-039. Designed for use against non-armoured or non-combat personnel.
  • Fire – INC8-054 + ARP-015. Designed for use against wooden or ice-attuned opposition. Caution advised – INC-054 is notoriously difficult to put out.
  • Ice – FR9-032 + ARP-015. Designed for use against fire-attuned opposition.
  • Electrical – SH10-043 + ARP-013. Designed for use against aether-powered machinery. If used as a liquid, can also be used for riot control.
  • Marker – FL11-03 + ADH12-032. Designed for the marking of targets during low-light conditions. Because of the distinctive projectile trails, this ammunition compound is rarely needed.

Because of QUIPs distinctive visual traits, it should not be used for any kind of covert ops unless sufficient concealment magic is available. The price of the materials used in the weapons construction, along with the complexity of the LSPs thaumic charge, makes QUIP unsuitable for mass production for anything but elite troops, as the weapon itself can easily be worth more than the soldier carrying it. Since LSP-ammunition does require some physical components, logistics is a factor that should be considered. QUIP has few moving parts and a trained user can separate all the important components in a minute, so maintenance is non-problematic, but the nature of both the LSP-cells and design of the grip makes QUIP unsuitable as an impromptu close-combat weapon.


Chaos Gun is comparable to the LAPE-Rifle in performance


Storage –

All functional prototypes of both QUIP and Chaos Gun are stored inside the Inquest Dynamic Laboratory at the Thaumonova Reactor in northern Metrica.


Concluding Notes –

QUIP is an excellent medium-to-short range sidearm or, circumstances permitting, primary firearm. In the standard configuration, it has good penetratiting capabilities and stopping power comparable to high-quality Iron Legion sidearms. The LSP-ammunition technology allows for both sustained fire over long periods as well as easing logistics by requiring low numbers of spare ammunition cells per fielded weapon. With the colour-coding, fellow users can easily coordinate configurations.

Footnote Appendix –

  1. Light Assault Personnel Expulsor.
  2. Referred to as a ‘Bloodstone Shard’ by Inquest Reachout Initiate Clark Rikkalson (attached note – Clark Rikkalson is a former student at Ebonhawke’s R&D-oriented workshops. ).
  3. ARmour Penetrating.
  4. Anti Personnel.
  5. Zhaitan, Kralkatorrik, Jormag, Primordus.
  6. The operation responsible for their capture is not covered in this report.
  7. ACidic.
  8. INCendiary. Also contains an adhesive.
  9. FReezing.
  10. SHocking. Also contains an adhesive.
  11. FLare.
  12. ADHesive.

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