Quip #2 – Origins of Legends

Capabilities of covered Devices  –


Thaumo-condensed Liquid-Projectiles : QUIP does not use conventional solid ammunition such as conventional firearms. Unlike the LAPE1-Rifle designed by Statistics Peer Vuxxi, it does not use a thaumically created projectile. QUIP uses a thaumic charge stored in a treated crimson shard2 in the grip to condense the ammunition-liquid into a ‘solid’ projectile, also called a liquid-solid projectile and referred to as LSP, with greater aerodynamic and kinetic capabilities than any known make of conventional true-solid projectile. The ammunition-liquid cell is actually comprised of 2 different liquids stored in treated glass containers where the combination gives the LSP varying capabilities. The standard configuration which was used in field tests is a mix of compounds ARP3-013 and AP4-035, which allows the LSP to easily penetrate conventional personnel armour and do heavy damage to the target when the armour is negated. In the ‘Practical Application’-chapter, I will cover the other configurations we also tested during field tests. Other configurations are possible, but as known to any Dynamics Initiate, not all compounds react favourably when mixed. The LSP-ammunition stocks are finite, but a cautious estimate sets the ammunition count at some 2500 rounds, which taking QUIPs rate of fire into consideration should last a user 15 minutes of sustained fire.

In addition, the LSP leave an easily recognisable trail through the air when fired, resembling tiny flakes of coloured paper such as those thrown into the air during celebrations. This is thought to be a by-product of the liquid-condensation charge.

Thaumically Colour Code : After an accident during field tests, QUIPs grip had 2 thaumically treated crystal beads attached, that change colours depending on which compounds are stored in the LSP-ammunition cells. This allows any user familiar with the device to quickly determine what LSP-mixture his fellow users are applying to the problem at hand.

Thaumic Aura-Emittance : A by-product of QUIPs thaumic makeup, any user of QUIP is surrounded by a hazy purple or pink emittance that the development team have not yet found a way to disguise. It makes QUIP utterly unsuitable for conventional stealth or covert use, but can, circumstances permitting, distort the outline the user, giving him yet another edge over a potential enemy.

Chaos Gun –

Thaumo-Solid Construction : The Chaos Gun is not constructed from conventionally solid materials, but is instead a small thaumically charged cube which discharges a field of thaumic energy, which can be gripped and handled as though it were solid. This allows the weapon to have almost no weight, and the semi-transparent nature of the thaumic field allows the user to immediately detect complications inside the weapon. It does mean, however, that a field harmful to thaumic energies will harm the weapon, at least rendering it inoperable or at worst damaging it beyond repair.

Thaumo-Solid Projectile : Like the LAPE weapon series, the Chaos Gun creates its own projectiles from a thaumic charge stored in the Thaumo-Solid Construction cube. Because of advances in projectile-creation thaumic disciplines, the projectiles carry the same punch as the LAPE-Rifle, despite being the size of a pistol. Like the LAPE series, the thaumic projectiles lack the true punch of physical projectiles, but eliminate the logistics of ammunition.

Footnote Appendix –

  1. Light Assault Personnel Expulsor.
  2. Referred to as a ‘Bloodstone Shard’ by Inquest Reachout Initiate Clark Rikkalson (attached note – Clark Rikkalson is a former student at Ebonhawke’s R&D-oriented workshops. ).
  3. ARmour Penetrating.
  4. Anti Personnel.

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