Quip #1 – Origins of Legends

Copy #2 – Stored in Rata Sum Dynamics Peacekeeping Vault #3

Personnel in charge of report procurement – *Classified*

Report MP-#214-D0914

by Inquest Dynamics Initiate Clexx

Submitted 22:35 16th March 1321  ( attached notation – 7 further reports concerning these items exist, but this text is the earliest known. Each report was written by a different Inquest Dynamics Initiate. Copies of all of these texts are to be stored alongside this report. )


Concerning devices –

  • Quintessential Universal Innervation Projector (notation: quip for short)
  • Chaotic Condition Transmission Device (notation: field name – chaos gun)


Table of Contents –

  1. Preface
  2. Capabilities of covered Devices
  3. Field Tests
  4. Practical Application
  5. Storage
  6. Concluding Note
  7. Footnote Appendix


Preface –

This report is submitted to detail the capabilities of the items concerning this report, namely the Quintessential Universal Innervation Projector, to be referred to as QUIP, and the Chaotic Condition Transmission Device, to be referred to as the Chaos Gun. Both these devices have been in development at the Rata Sum Council-assigned Dynamics Laboratory in the Thaumonova Reactor in northern Metrica.

This report will NOT cover budget concerns, supply and material procurement, combined-arms application or marketing.


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