Rodgort #6 – Origins of Legends

In the early winter of 1277, Bjorn’s group was ambushed by a herd of crazed ice-corrupted animals north of Kyesjard, at that time a much smaller steading with only a few families and almost no hunters in residence. Only Bjorn survived until the men of Kyesjard could bring him to the homestead and for a week the weather around Kyesjard worsened until even the hardy norn could not leave their communal hall. it was evident that a decisive attack by the servants of Jormag was imminent, but the warriors of the stead were powerless to act against them, as the storm outside could kill a norn in minutes. Finally, as dawn broke on the 8th day, the stead was surrounded by icebrood and corrupted Sons of Svanir. Bjorn, rising from his sickbed, asked to be armed and armoured and let out of the hall. Deciding to hold inside their hall, but unable to sway Bjorn, they accepted his request, arming him with a battle-axe and his signature torch, but would not lend their own aid. As Bjorn entered the blizzard, The Flame of Rodgort blazed, igniting the grand bonfire in the middle of the yard, creating a 2-meter pillar of flame. Snow melted around his body, never touching neither him nor his armour. All of Kyesjard was watching through the door and windows of the hall, but only Kitta was keen enough to later spin the events into song.

The stead was surrounded by over a hundred servants of Jormag, but there was only one real entrance into the yard, a 2-norn wide gate that had been smashed open by the Sons of Svanir.

With a roar to the Spirits, Bjorn charged the gap, and within a heartbeat, the Sons were pushed back, leaving Bjorn as an obstacle the icebrood would have to destroy in order to gain access to the homestead. Other warriors from the hall moved to help, but with the presence of the icebrood, the storm had grown unnaturally cold, and only Bjorn seemed able to withstand the magical blizzard.

Until dawn the next day he fought the Sons of Svanir and the icebrood, killing them with blows from his axe and massive jets of flame from his torch. The song says that, during the fight, the torch changed. In the blink of an eye, the head morphed to resemble that of a fire-breathing dragon, it began glowing red-hot with heat even where Bjorn held it, but if it burned him, he gave no sign. It gained a life of its own, killing several icebrood that Bjorn would not otherwise have stopped with his axe. As the sun rose in the east, the last of the colossal icebrood leading the horde had been killed, and the blizzard had abated.

But Bjorn Duganson, Bjorn Brandheart, was dead.

Still wounded from the ambush 9 days ago, Bjorn was now covered head to toe in fresh cuts, he had several broken ribs and the spear-like arm of one of the icebrood colossi had impaled him. In the final acts of the song, the onlookers finally left the hall, and went to secure the area and find more warriors to defend the stead before they could give Bjorn a proper burial. As the first warrior neared Bjorn, however, his torch, which now seemed as alive as any serpent, hissed, emitting a gout of flame. Before the astonished onlookers, a pillar of lava rose out of the ground beneath Rodgort, and when the lava had gone and the steam of the cooked snow had vanished, so had the torch.


Our understanding of draconian magic is too lacking for me to deliver any decisive conclusions before more data is obtained, but it is my belief that Bjorn’s encounter with the Destroyers provides at least circumstantial evidence that the torch is imbued with some measure of the power behind the Destroyers. If this was accidental or a design of the Dragon, I do not know, but I urge the Explorers to look into the matter of Rodgort. Should I be correct, and it is a weapon for the Destroyers, its fate should be ascertained, lest it is used against us.


References –

( Stored in the Archives, unless otherwise noted )

  • Bjorn of the Brandheart, norn legend
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The Spirit of Fire, song passed down through the Kyesjard homestead, originally attributed to Kitta Kyesdottir, also known as Kitta Flaptongue. Unable to obtain written record, but any skald hailing from Kyesjard will recount the song at the asking.


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