Rodgort #5 – Origins of Legends

By the year of 1276, Bjorn had become known as Bjorn Brandheart throughout the Shiverpeaks as well as in Ascalon and the easternmost regions of Kryta. While not as celebrated as Jora and Asgeir Dragonrender, his legend was nevertheless on the rise, and rumours were abound that he would soon attempt the Trial of the Serpent’s Fang in Hoelbrak. But before he could confirm the rumours and travel to Hoelbrak, the southern Shiverpeaks suffered a series of icebrood attacks, which a warrior of Bjorn’s stature could not ignore. Well into 1277 he defended homesteads and garrisons throughout the south, his name growing in renown and his legend growing in length.

I am ashamed to admit that it took me over a month of researching his final tale before I thought to confer with the source, with the skalds at Kyesjard. Up until then, every version had wildly varying details, so the following section is not based on multiple sources, but instead entirely on The Spirit of Fire, the song written by Kitta Kyesdottir who was present at Bjorn’s death.


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