Rodgort #4 – Origins of Legends

As they were halfway through the village, having found a road that would likely lead them out into the open air, the air in the cavern changed, becoming smoky and choking. Destroyers, Primordus’ relentless servants, rose up out of the ruins of the village. Both brother and sister were instantly preparing to flee back into the caves, but Bjorn insisted they go on, and force a path through the destroyers to the fresh air but a few days away. Destroyers, being creatures of fire and magma, should be immune to Bjorn’s fiery power, thus negating the groups most powerful weapon. But Bjorn was undeterred, and with a shout of battle that echoed throughout the cavern, he charged straight towards their proposed exit, mace held high. According to similar points of the twins’ stories, the reaction of the dragon-minions were unlike any response seen from their kind since the war against the Great Destroyer well over 100 years ago. Even as the massive norn was raising his mace to sweep the first opponent aside, the Destroyers kneeled, as though in supplication. Raising his weapon from the shattered remains of his intended target, even Bjorn was struck still by the sight. His torch blazed as brightly as it had ever done, as if in response to the presence of so many creatures of fire. Responding to the eerie sight with rage, Bjorn destroyed further minions, but still they kneeled as though beholding a king of their kind. In their own tales, the twins pretend bravado on their own part and fear on the part of their kin, but in both stories they urge Bjorn to move on and to use the Destroyer inactivity to their advantage. Thus, Bjorn and the Vilgerds escaped from the depths of the Shiverpeaks, and returned to Hoelbrak with nothing but a story of folly.

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