Rodgort #3 – Origins of Legends

There is, however, one tale that is important in order to understand how Bjorn Duganson’s Flame of Rodgort underwent its final transformation.

In 1272, a norn shaman named Eatta Frellasdottir, also known as Eatta Rime-Ear, organised an expedition north from Hoelbrak that would explore a rumoured dwarf hold hidden in the snow drifts of the Snowden hills. She claimed to have been given a vision by the Spirits as to where they might find the Spirit of the Owl, the very Spirit that had stayed behind to give the Norn time to escape Jormag’s wrath. While the shamans of the other temples doubted her, claiming that if the Spirits would communicate such a grand message to anyone, surely it would be them. But a group of youngbloods from various homesteads around the Wayfarer Foothills and Lornar’s Pass had heard of her expedition, and volunteered, possibly hoping that even if the vision proved false, surviving the attempt could start them on the path to their own legends. Bjorn also joined, seeing a chance to propel his name up to the likes of Jora, Asgeir and other such grand legends of the norn. If the Spirit of the Owl was truly alive, getting it safe and sound to Hoelbrak would be a momentous deed.

After a week of travel, they arrived north of what is now Podaga Steading, intent on descending into the Glisterice caves, find the area from Eatta’s vision, and return to Hoelbrak. But the vision proved to be not only false.

It was a deception.

As they arrived at the mouth of the cave, arrows struck the party, and a group of Sons of Svanir erupted from the snowdrifts around them. Battle was quickly joined and the group held their ground thanks to Bjorn and Eatta’s combined efforts. But as soon as the Sons were beaten back, a swarm of icebrood hounds came from all sides, and several of the youngbloods who had not been slain in the assault were wracked with convulsions, dark-blue shining ice erupting from their bodies. Taking stock of their odds, Bjorn decided they should escape through the caves. On the fate of Eatta, the legend is vague. However, what is known is that she was never seen again, and because it is believed she was fooled by Jormag or one of his servants, she earned the nickname Rime-Ear.

Bjorn and the 2 youngbloods, a brother and sister, escaped the battle through the caves. Bjorn himself is said to never have spoken of the journey, but the youngbloods, recorded in the legend as Dufnall Vilgerdsson and Finna Vilgerdsdottir, spoke of it frequently. Their tales vary from each other on many points, such as who can lay claim to what deed, what Bjorn himself said and even what they saw, but on one section, they agreed on every detail.

A few days before they would leave the cave system, they fell upon the remains of a dwarf village, one that evidently had contact with the asuras, as a collapsed asuran portal dominated the central square. The dwellings glittered with decorations of gold and gems, but the party was more intent on escaping their situation than looting.


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