Rodgort #2 – Origins of Legends

After Bjorns less-than-celebrated expedition between 1250 to 1252, he returned to Hoelbrak where he served primarily in defense of the city against servants of Jormag, where he could use his fiery battle style to great effect. After a decade of this, he must evidently have grown restless from staying in one place for so long, as he took his leave from the militia and travelled east, arriving in charr-controlled Ascalon about a year later. Because of the war, I have no access to any existing charr documents on the matter, so his movements for the following 2 years are barely, if at all, known.

Then, in 1265, he arrived in the Black Citadel with a purpose. His style had evolved to such an extent that he would need a potent channelling device for his magic to avoid damaging himself or his armour when fighting without restraint. To this end he attempted to commission numerous charr smiths and craftsmen, but his ideas must have been too outlandish for them to cease their contributions to the charr war machine, even for the promise of gold. Eventually he must have met Bronsan, who, seeing an opportunity, agreed to the commission if his payment could include the 2 Rodgort-scrolls Bjorn still kept. Bjorn countered that the device would have to be truly formidable then, for the scrolls were not easily replaceable, being recovered from the northern parts of ghost-infested Ascalon. Since Bronsan did not know that the spells detailed in the scrolls were in fact already returning to common use among the forces of the Seraph and Ebonhawke, Bronsan agreed to find a way to make the device one of a kind, and knew just how to begin. Bronsan reasoned to his warband and superiors that both the 2 powerful fire spells, as well as the large sum of gold Bjorn was promising upon completion, would prove useful in their war against the ghosts, as well as in the siege of Ebonhawke.

Permissions must have been granted, for within the year, the warband with Bjorn in tow had completed an expedition into the old dwarven caves beneath the Shiverpeaks, into a cave system that is otherwise recorded nowhere in either human, norn or dwarven documents concerning the Shiverpeaks bordering the southern Ascalon. It is reasonable to assume that the rise of several Elder Dragons since the relevant documents were established. Among other spoils, the group retrieved a small red crystal, described by contemporary norn witnesses, as being the colour of fresh blood. Upon their return to the Black Citadel, Bronsan immediately set about preparing for the completion of the device, but on Bjorn’s insistence, completion was delayed until 1266’s winter solstice.


The device Bjorn and Bronsan had designed and created was a torch designed for a norn and built rather like a focus. The blood-red crystal, which I believe to be a shard of one of the legendary Bloodstones, formed the core, and Bronsan had weaved Rodgort’s spells into its construction as well. The legend refers to this initial form of Rodgort as ‘The Flame of Rodgort’, even though Bjorn himself referred to it as the Nornbrand.

Again Bjorn could not be still for long, and in early spring of 1267, Bjorn left Ascalon, and travelled back west. The events and stories that followed his return are, with one exception, not the subject of this piece, but his legend Bjorn of the Brandheart details them all with great detail, if varying degrees of restraint.


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