Rodgort #1 – Origins of Legends

Copy #5, to be stored in the Priory Archives in Lornar’s Pass.

On the origins of Rodgort – A dragon weapon?

By Scholar Georg Nazarius – Penned in the year of 1317 AE


The purpose of the Durmand Priory is to scour the knowledge of lost civilisations in an effort to discover how they, in their time, defeated the Elder Dragons that now plague Tyria and the world beyond. Being a mere Scholar, I do not doubt Steward Gixx’s decision on the matter, but I also propose that we examine the actions of the dragons themselves, as well as their servants, in order to better understand their capabilities and intentions.

To this end, I write this piece on an artifact with possible draconic origins. A weapon that, should the stories hold true, has a connection with Primordus, the Elder Dragon that drove the asura from their homes and set the dwarves on the path to their civilisations end. The weapon known in stories as Rodgort, also sometimes called the Brand or Flame of Rodgort.

All dates are given according to the Mouvelian calendar, according to both common practice and Priory standards.

Stories attribute the creation of Rodgort to 2 people; the norn Bjorn Duganson, later known as Bjorn Brandheart and hailing from what eventually became Afgar’s Steading, and the charr Bronsan Yellowpaw, of the Paw Warband, Iron Legion. Bronsan was a charr gifted both with great understanding of the use of fire elemental magic, as well as how to craft unconventional weapons, an undervalued talent among the warlike people. Bjorn was, previously to the events that would shape his legend, a traveller and explorer. Unbeknownst to most, if not all, of the storytellers who share his tales around the Shiverpeaks, he was part of the expedition into Ascalon that uncovered the works of the ascalonian elementalist Rodgort Harding, known for his fiery invocations. As one of his few rewards, he brought back a scroll detailing 2 of Rodgort’s more well-known spells, namely the Mark of Rodgort and Rodgort’s Invocation. It should be noted that, while these are commonplace amongst learned elementalists now, most of Rodgort’s spells had been thought lost since the Foefire. Bjorn’s style of fighting was, according to the journal of one Lars Horacesson, like the guardians of today, but with very little emphasis on the defensive aspect, and many elements reminiscent of the Zealot-school of guardian magic, using conjured flames and blistering attacks to burn away his opponents rather than the highly supportive magic we know of from other known people from his time. Available records suggest Bronsan was born around 1230 AE, and the Paw Warband was one of the warbands whose destruction has been attributed to High Legion’s siege of Ebonhawke between 1270-1280.

Bjorn was born to, by norn standards, unremarkable parents in late in the winter of 1222, and, according to his legend, died in 1277, as will be detailed further on.


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